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Heartfelt Testimonials from Families Sponsored to attend Holiday Heroes


“The Fontela children have expressed numerous times how grateful they are for the caring community who puts together the Holiday Heroes event. We’re most thankful for the lesson of “sharing” that our girls take away from this night. More than just gifts and fun experiences, they go home with the best value of learning how giving is more important than receiving. Thank you to all who makes this event happen and puts those smiles on many faces of children!”

“Attending the Holiday Heroes event gave the Junior Giants players a place to have unlimited fun for an evening. Kids got to be kids, no matter their background; everyone leaves a winner with a smile on their face.”


Fernanda Rivera was diagnosed with Leukemia and came to stay at Family House in June of 2016 with her family, so that she could have a Bone Marrow Transplant at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. In August while she was undergoing chemotherapy in preparation for her transplant, her family’s apartment in Modesto was destroyed in a fire, and they lost everything. Fernanda, her mother Jessica and Myluna her sister were thrilled to attend Holiday Heroes, because it meant that for a short while they could just have fun away from the hospital and celebrate being together at the holiday time.

“The kids really enjoyed it,” she reported to her case manager during a check-in phone call after the event. The event was particularly impactful for her son. “[My son] got to meet two soccer players that he really admired. It was really, really inspiring and I haven’t seen him that happy in a long time. I’m thankful [the athletes] take time out to be with kids that look up to them.”

Wender Weis Foundation for Children’s  Holiday Heroes 2016

I am trying to get information on how you invite underserved children to the event. I am asking because my nine year old twins attended last year. They were on the junior giants and I believe that was how they got invited. The reason I need to know is one of my twins has autism. He gets focused on things and it is very difficult for him to understand that just because something happened last year it may not happen this year. He is very scheduled and gets focused on somethings. Halloween and Christmas are his two major holiday focuses. He has already started talking about Holiday Hero’s and going to the ball park. We cannot afford to purchase tickets to go to the event and wanted to see if there is anywhere we can contact to get them invited again this year.
We have been trying to explain to him that it was a special thing for last year but he isn’t understanding and talks about it most days, so I’m trying to find out what the procedure is and if there is any hope that we can make him happy.

Rodas family - Alejandra, Amanda, and Luna

Calderon family – Hector, Julian, and Isaac

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