Event Chairs

Joanne Pasternack and Rob Bardin

Stephanie and Peter Oshman

Past Chairs

Kelley and Kevin Clugage

Jana and Nevin Spieker

Staci and Cary Cole

Katie and JD Simpson

Carson and Helmy Eltoukhy

Dana and Charles Carmel

Staci and Jonathan Friesel


Host Committee (as of 3/16/19)

Corey Binns and Bjorn Carey

Dana and Charles Carmel

Carrie and Mark Casey

Ashley and John Chambers

Tracy and Jimmy Chesler

Kelley and Kevin Clugage

Kate and Sol Coffino

Staci and Cary Cole

Katie Colendich

Suzanne and J Crandall

Kate and Eric Dachs

Hope Daly

Tamara and Derek Dunn

Abby and Egon Durban

Susan Solinsky and Paul Duryea

Didi and Greg Engel

Masha and Dave Fisch

Staci and Jonathan Friesel

Calla and Will Griffith

Emily and Eric Heitmann

Michelle Gilman Jasen and Rich Jasen

Camille Kennedy

Melanie and Riaz Ladhabhoy

Liz and Thomas Laffont

The Maas Family

Meredith and John Meeks

Margaret and Peter Munzig

Julia and David Popowitz

Ofelia and Craig Seymour

Michele and Brett Sharkey

Margaret and Edward Sickel

Katie and JD Simpson

Kate and Ted Smith

Nikki and Eric Sokol

Jana and Nevin Spieker

Nicole and Charles Taylor

Marisol and Zach Trailer

Betsy Vobach

Tamara Russel and Steve Wastie

Angelique and Andrew Wilson

Suzanne and Adam Yonkers

Jennifer and Ethan Zweig

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