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2018 Event Chairs

Michelle Gilman Jasen and Rich Jasen

Rebecca Saroyan Robbins and Elliott Robbins

Honorary Chairs

Marie Hurabiell and Mainul Mondal

Michelle and Jody Harris

Teen Committee Chairs

Caroline Considine

Kelly Leigh Cronan

Frank Solinsky Duryea


Hope Daly


Wendy Armstrong

Aparna and Manish Aghi

Michele Haddad and Scott Curtiss

Victoria and Rick Dade

Susan Solinsky and Paul Duryea

Elizabeth Funk

Susan Davenport and Michael Grosse

Michelle and Jody Harris

Michelle and David Heston

Jessica and J Hickingbotham

Letitia and Michael Kim

Ruth Krumbhaar

Emilie and Andrew Lynch

Natasha and Timothy Monahan

Wendy Reicher

Kate and Ted Smith

Ananda Baron and Aaron Schweifler


Caroline and Gregg Alton

Ann and Bart Baer

Joanne Pasternack and Robert Bardin

Jamie and Will Bartlett

Anne Cherry Barnett and Jason Barnett

Monika and Adam Barycza

Betina and Adam Baumgarten

Stefanie and Greg Beasley

Carol Benz

Kathy Huber and Larry Binkley

Sterrin Bird

Krista Jeannotte and Drew Burgasser

Amy and Grady Burnett

Carrie and Mark Casey

Lyndy Chang

Sandy and Harry Cheung

Kate and Sol Coffino

Katie Colendich

Christine and Kevin Considine

Michele and Ronny Conway

Jennifer and Matt Cook

Shannon and Dan Cronan

Amy DeFoor

Kelly Grimes and George Drysdale

Melissa Morales and Jonas Edgeworth

Carson and Helmy Eltoukhy

Patty Rock and John Fetzer

Erin Loughlin and Chad Fife

Staci and Jonathan Friesel

Erin and Tom Furtney

Heidi and Rich Gerber

Lita Sam-Vargas and Alan Gevins

Calla and Will Griffith

Betsy Vobach and Ron Hanik

Carol Hickingbotham

Darayn Hickingbotham

Michelle and Justin Hughes

Kathryn Pellegrini Inglin

Elizabeth Johnson

Monica Johnson

Angie and Joe Kauffman

Camille Kennedy

Ruth Krumbhaar

Melanie and Riaz Ladhabhoy

Sara and Jonathan Larose

Anya and Nils Levine

Anne Leschin and Manuel Lopez

Cecillia Marihart

Alison and Michael Mauzé

Elyse and Michael O’Sullivan

Stephanie and Peter Oshman

Lisa and Travis Pearson

Jennifer Lindh and Randy Peterson

Heather Preston

Amy and Garrett Price

Maria and Jeff Ralph

Kate Gundlach Roberts and Jeff Roberts

Claudia and Keith Ross

Marie and Jack Saroyan

Sara and David Schnell

Jessica and Shawn Sieck

Tracy Skytt

Lisa and Jeff Smith

Lori Puccinelli Stern and Peter Stern

Anngi and Roland Strick

Christy and Peter Swartz

Emily Lopez and Andy Tang

Nicole and Charley Taylor

Sarah and David Thayer

Holli Thier

Angelique and Andrew Wilson

Teen Committee Co-Chairs

Frankie Solinsky Duryea

Carolyn Considine

Kelly Cronan

Teen Committee

Kira Bardin

Megan Barry-Schoen

Ethan Friesel

Fiona Furtney

Ava Ralph

Ryan Schnell

Aidan Skytt

Fiona Skytt

Callahan Stewart

Caroline Stewart

Lana Svoboda

Giselle Toth

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