Enhancing the lives of youth today for a brighter tomorrow

The San Francisco Bay Area is known for its generosity and philanthropic spirit. However, even in this resource rich area of the country, there are children who haven’t been exposed to all the opportunities this area has to offer. Through unique, event-based experiences we open their eyes to hope and possibilities.

We believe all kids deserve a chance to just be kids. We encourage youth to laugh hard, grow tall, and dream big through access to sports, after school programs, health care services, and exceptional experiences.

Since 1994 Wender Weis Foundation for Children has been committed to improving self-esteem and self-confidence of children living in underserved communities across the SF Bay Area. When children believe in themselves, they are able to develop the emotional, social, and physical skills that allow them to lead healthy, motivated, and inspired lives. We donate proceeds from our fundraising efforts to local outreach programs bridging the gap for children with inspiring opportunities.

The benefits are countless. From responsibility to trust to cooperation to gratitude, our goal is to play role in building character in the next generation.

Here’s how we do it:

With a 25 year legacy, we are known for sustaining and advancing impactful youth and family programs. We rally philanthropists, educators, coaches, legislatures, and superheroes alike to inspire kids.
We distribute grants to sports teams, after school programs, hospitals, shelters and environmental agencies. Investment criteria is focused on quality of programs and lives touched.
Each year we host two events, Holiday Heroes and Children’s Champions, to expose children to wonder and possibility in their own lives.

Our Founder


Amy grew up in New York City and watched her family give back from a young age. From volunteering at a soup kitchen to interning at the Children’s Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union, Amy’s passion to help others developed.

As a child, Amy went to football games with her father. Besides the quality time they shared together, Amy and her father would wait after games to see the players from the game. One time, a quarterback from favorite Amy’s childhood team, the Dallas Cowboys, spent extra time talking with her and gave her some words of wisdom. That moment stuck with Amy – providing encouragement and inspiration.

While attending Stanford University, Amy continued her volunteer work at a battered women’s shelter and rape crisis center. Upon graduating, she worked as a paralegal at a Palo Alto law firm where she saw companies incorporate and a high-profile athlete begun his own foundation. Amy thought – if they could do this, why couldn’t I?

In 1994, the Wender Weis Foundation for Children was established in honor of Amy’s family and fulfilled her desire to give back and help children in need.

While receiving her MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Amy continued to create events for children in the Bay Area and Chicago. Remembering the connection she had with an athlete growing up and how much that experience stayed with her, Amy wanted to create opportunities for children to interact with athletes. Through the Foundation, thousands of underserved children have had their eyes opened up to possibility.

Amy currently lives in Palo Alto, California with her husband and son. Amy has served on boards for over 20 years and has extensive non-profit and event experience. Her hobbies include professional sports, the Ballet, animals, baking and spending time with friends.

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