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Welcome to our WWFC Corporate Experience Technology Virtual Field Trips. We offer these virtual field trips to share empowering stories from people in the tech field. We hope this insider’s view will give you the confidence and tools to find a career that matters to you. Are you interested in the tech industry but not sure where to begin? We hope these videos will help you find your way forward.

We also feature videos in the healthcare industry.

Additional STEM Career Planning Resources

*Note: Initial guides focus on healthcare 


November 2021 – Virtual Field Trip with Sequoia High School Health Careers Academy

Students learned about Pathways Home Health and Hospice services (3.5 min.) and got a tour of the home office with Andy Robinson, Director of Operations. They got to see examples of close-up medical training (7.5 min.) including giving a venipunture (blood draw) and taking blood pressure with Pathways Educator and RN, Daniela Mak. Andy Robinson gave a talk on a long-term care scenario, “Diagnosis through Death” featuring Congestive Heart Failure. (20 min.). Next, the students heard about career journeys from Home Health and Hospice professionals:

Student Question and Answer session (18 min.)
QR Code for Survey of Home Health and Hospice Field Trip

Additional STEM Career Planning Resources

*Note: Initial guides focus on healthcare 

Teachers or Counselors: If you are interested in showing a custom version of this presentation to your school, feel free to contact us.

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