Let’s Get Brand New GLOVES for these Kids

In partnership with David Trujillo, head varsity baseball coach at Menlo School, WWFC will be co-hosting a holiday baseball clinic for underserved youth in the community. This will take place on Saturday, December 16 at the California Baseball Farm Club in Redwood City.

We will purchase and distribute a NEW baseball glove to each child attending our Holiday Diamond Baseball Clinic.

Will fund a player to attend the clinic, while they will also receive a NEW baseball glove.


Sponsor an underserved youth to attend our clinic and/or donate a glove for an underserved youth.

Through local programs like Junior Giants and Ravenswood Little League, kids are able to access a sport they love. BUT one area they lack in is high-quality private baseball instruction. We’re helping these motivated and excited children to have that opportunity. With our inaugural baseball clinic, we will sponsor as many as 100 kids, ages 9-12, to learn some new skills and gain some life lessons on not giving up, giving it your all, and always trying your best.

We want kids to feel confident and have what they need to succeed in a sport they love so much! This increases their self-esteem, which sports has such a special way of doing! For some of these kids, this will be their only holiday experience this season and the glove they will receive from us will be their only holiday gift.