Corporate Experiences extends WWFC’s confidence-building work with under-resourced youth into high school via our new STEM-focused career awareness program.


Our Goal

Empower underserved students to learn STEM careers are accessible.

  • Introduce students to companies making a difference
  • Connect students with relatable employees in various roles including entry level jobs
  • Share background stories which allow students to see themselves in professional roles

Our Virtual Field Trips

Transport students to company campuses on Zoom.

  • “Behind the scenes” tour of corporations – from the classroom setting
  • Introduction to the companies’ STEM work
  • Panel of entry level employees to talk about their jobs and their journeys
  • Student Q&A


Grades K-8

Children’s Champions and Holiday Heroes

Bi-Annual Sports Events
Confidence Building Experiences

Grades 9-12

Corporate Experiences

Virtual Tours
Job Panels
Career Awareness

by funding a virtual Corporate Experience!

Lead a Zoom-style experience to allow employees and students to participate from home:

  • Educate underserved students about your company’s work and impact (both past and present)
  • Help underserved students learn about access points to a career with your company, including entry level positions that require varying levels of post-secondary training and education
  • Help your company create a qualified pipeline of diverse future employees who are interested in careers in STEM.

Additional STEM Career Planning Resources

*Note: Initial guides focus on healthcare