WWFC focuses on increasing self-esteem in underserved Bay Area children through interaction with inspiring athletic role models and confidence building experiences.

Kids learn to believe in themselves, and with encouragement and guidance from college and professional athletes, students are motivated to excel.

Corporate Experiences extends WWFC’s confidence-building work with low-income kids into high school via our new STEM-focused career awareness program.

Kristi Yamaguchi

Our Goal

Empower underserved students to learn STEM careers are accessible.

  • Introduce students to companies making a difference
  • Connect students with relatable employees in various roles including entry level jobs
  • Share background stories which allow students to see themselves in professional roles

Our Virtual Field Trips

Transport students to company campuses on Zoom.

  • “Behind the scenes” tour of corporations – from the classroom setting
  • Introduction to the companies’ STEM work
  • Panel of entry level employees to talk about their jobs and their journeys
  • Student Q&A


Grades K-8

Children’s Champions and Holiday Heroes

Bi-Annual Sports Events
Confidence Building Experiences

Grades 9-12

Corporate Experiences

Virtual Tours
Job Panels
Career Awareness

by leading a virtual Corporate Experience!

Lead a Zoom-style experience to allow employees and students to participate from home:

  • Educate underserved students about your company’s work and impact (both past and present)
  • Help underserved students learn about access points to a career with your company, including entry level positions that require varying levels of post-secondary training and education
  • Help your company create a qualified pipeline of diverse future employees who are interested in careers in STEM.

Additional STEM Career Planning Resources

*Note: Initial guides focus on healthcare