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Virtual Field Trip with Sequoia High School Health Careers Academy


Students learned about Pathways Home Health and Hospice services (3.5 min.) and got a tour of the home office with Andy Robinson, Director of Operations. They got to see examples of close-up medical training (7.5 min.) including giving a venipunture (blood draw) and taking blood pressure with Pathways Educator and RN, Daniela Mak. Andy Robinson gave a talk on a long-term care scenario, “Diagnosis through Death” featuring Congestive Heart Failure. (20 min.) Next, the students heard about career journeys from Home Health and Hospice professionals:

  • Sales & Marketing (5.5 min.)
  • Home Health Aide (3.5 min.)
  • Office Manager (4.5 min.)
  • Hospice Vocational Nurse (5.5 min.) & his funny patient joke (1 min.)
  • Registered Nurse and Director of Operations (4 min.)

Student Question and Answer session (18 min.)
QR Code for Survey of Home Health and Hospice Field Trip

October 13, 2021 – Virtual Field Trip to Sonrisas Dental Health with Andrew Hill High School and East Palo Alto Academy
Students met Dr. Bonnie Jue from Sonrisas Dental Health and learned surprising ways that Oral Health impacts Overall Health – including heart disease and diabetes. Dr. Jue delivered a fast-paced overview of Oral Health issues, treatments, and preventions (0:02:12 – 0:23:28). Next, a panel of dental professionals shared their career stories and advice about entry level roles such as a Dentist/ Dental Director of a Non-Profit Practice (23:28 – 27:55), a Dental Assistant (0:27:59 – 0:30:54), and a Patient Care Coordinator (0:31:08 – 0:35:25) – as well as a Dental Hygienist (0:35:25 – 0:37:49) and a Dentist/ Owner of a Private Practice (0:37:50 – 0:40:54). A Q&A session followed featuring student questions (0:41:09 – 1:02:22). [NOTE – QR Code for Survey of Oral Health Virtual Field Trip at 1:02:40]

May 5, 2021 – Virtual Field Trip to Genentech with Santa Clara High School and East Palo Alto Academy

Students were introduced to Genentech and the world of biotechnology by the Chief People and Culture Officer, Cynthia Burks (1:01-10:12).  They then watched a brief entertaining video, “What actually happens in Drug Development?” (11:58-16:07) and learned about the Genentech drug development process with Alecia Dent, a Fellow with the Drug Development Training Program,(16:15-23:26). A drone tour of Genentech campus came next (23:30-27:40).  Lastly, several Genentech employees shared their stories and career journeys:

(28:28-45:52) Danielle Mandikian, Senior Scientist, “I research how to get drugs into difficult to reach tissues and work to come up with new ways to image this in animals/people.”

(45:54-52:02) Chris Davies, Principal Scientific Researcher 

“I discover legal drugs for patients.”

(52:12-1:11:20) – Mandy Ramos, Scientific Researcher

“I use experiments to understand how a drug moves through tissues in the body.”

(1:11:22-1:26:08) Lynne von Bogdandy, Principal Program Manager

“I manage cross functional teams develop therapeutics in early stages of drug development.”

April 29, 2021 – Virtual Field Trip to Red Cross Blood Services with Andrew Hill High School

Students attended a tour of a blood drive in honor of a 7 year old cancer patient and got to see how blood collection works during Covid. (1:48-6:42) They then learned all about blood, blood types, and blood uses in a very entertaining educational talk (7:00-26:12) – and heard stories from several blood services professionals: a Phlebotomist (27:12-28:29), a Collections Materials Coordinator (28:30-37:09), a blood Collections Trainer (36:11-38:31), and a blood drive Account Manager (38:32-45:00). A Q&A session wrapped up the event. (45:28-1:17:02)

March 24, 2021 – Virtual Field Trip to ProTransport-1 Ambulance with Andrew Hill High School  

Students got to hear all about ProTransport-1 Ambulance and EMS services ranging from NICU transport to professional sports event athlete support. (0:00:00-0:17:00) They did a ride-along on a Static Rig (Ambulance) with the Critical Care Transport Team. (0:17:01-0:24:07) They learned about Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack and CPR (0:24:10-0:36:25), and heard stories and advice from an EMT (0:36:26) and a Paramedic (0:40:26). A Q&A session addressed student questions and shared “on the job” EMS Stories (0:41:42-1:17:18).

February 24, 2021 – Virtual Field Trip to Sequoia Hospital with Sequoia High School and the Health Careers Academy

Students attended a virtual “behind the scenes” tour of the Sequoia Hospital Cath Lab (0:3:51 – 0:17:05) and heard from a panel of employees in entry level healthcare roles about their career journeys thus far, including an Echo Tech (0:21:53), a Medical Assistant (0:29:27), a Finance Manager (0:25:02), and an Administrative Assistant (0:17:06). A Q&A session followed (0:35:07).

November 20, 2020 – Virtual Field Trip to Sequoia Hospital with East Palo Alto Academy and Wilcox
High School

Students enjoyed a virtual tour of the Sequoia Hospital Cath Lab (0:3:40-0:16:54) and heard stories from a panel of four employees in entry level healthcare roles, an Echo Tech (0:21:43), a Medical Assistant (0:29:15), a Finance Manager (0:24:51), and an Administrative Assistant (0:16:35).

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